CEAD – Center of Excellence for Advanced Dentistry

CEAD was first built in 2016 and it served as our primary lecture and hands-on training centre. The auditorium is equipped to facilitate both lectures and hands-on training with the capability of showcasing live streaming of dental procedures from our partner clinics and GA facility within the Artius Dental Specialist Centre.

In 2018, with the thirst for dental professional education gaining momentum, we saw the birth of our second CEAD which could facilitate 80 participants for hands-on training, with the capability of running live streams of procedures from the GA facility.

The establishment of both facilities marked Ancora’s first steps into the professional dental education and our intention was to encourage it as a source of spawning new ideologies and methodologies in the advancements of dentistry, which would then spur forward the dynamically changing processes of education and scientific knowledge. This would then promote better understanding and the ability to implement change, which is key to improving the learning process and producing extraordinary dental professionals.

We have been able to invite and are grateful for the continuous support of leading educators, clinicians and lecturers in the field of dentistry and dental education regionally and internationally, which have helped earmark Ancora and this region as a destination of serious continuous dental professional education.