Advanced Principles of Implant Dentistry - Group 2

Implant - Advanced

06 March 2023 - 03 September 2023 Venue
Menara See Hoy Chan, Kuala Lumpur Presenters


A detailed overview to the theory and practice of surgical and restorative implant treatment. This course will prepare you to place and restore simple implants in your dental career under the supervision of our specialist. This course covers treatment planning and supervised placement of implants and restorations using the participants' own patients.

Participants will also have access to the intermediate level of ITI curriculum that includes:

  • Introduction to Implant Dentistry
  • Prosthodontic Planning and Procedures
  • Surgical Planning and Procedures
  • Treatment Outcomes and Continuing Care

Why should you join APID?

  • Offset the cost by bringing in your own patients.
  • Exposure to the latest dental technologies in implant dentistry but not compromising on the conventional approach.
  • Globally recognised ITI certificate
  • Gain confidence with the best mentors throughout the entire course.
  1. Understanding surgical treatment planning, procedures and armamentarium.
  2. Implant selection.
  3. Processing structured assessment & treatment concepts learnt at Foundation level.
  4. Principles of computer-aided implant surgical planning & conventional method.
  5. Review of types of surgical guides and its applications.
  6. Material and abutment selection.
  7. Hands-on implant placements and understanding surgical protocols on models.
  8. Understanding wound healing and osseointegration.
  9. Flap designs & suturing techniques objectives & hands-on session on pigs’ jaws. 
  10. Understanding timing of implant placement.
  11. Being aware of general risk factors & contraindications for implant therapy.
  12. Being able to identify and manage surgical complications.
  13. Introduction to digital scanners & hands-on practice on digital scanning and conventional implant impressions.
  14. Understanding traditional and digital workflows for impression-taking.
  15. Review of prosthetic considerations going into implant surgery.
  16. Being able to identify and manage prosthetic/lab complications.
  17. Case workup for live treatment.
  1. 1. Case presentations and discussion for module 2 implant placement patients.
  2. Performing single posterior implant placement on healed sites under the guidance of your first case and with confidence in your second case, understanding the necessary steps to ensure safe and accurate placement.
  1. Case presentations and discussion for module 3 implant placement patients.
  2. Live practice with guidance on uncoveries & implant impressions on module 2 patients.
  3. Perform 2 additional implant placements in the posterior region.
  1. Principles & importance of design & occlusion for implant restorations.
  2. Occlusal design for single tooth vs partial vs full arch.
  3. Important clinical steps to watch out for during delivery of prosthesis.
  4. Importance of supportive implant therapy (maintenance).
  5. Identifying and managing peri-implant diseases early.
  6. Introduction of tools & kits in peri-implant diseases management.
  7. Introduction on implants at aesthetic regions.
  8. Pre-examination review & summary.