Basic Comprehensive Orthodontic Course - Group 17


05 July 2023 - 05 December 2023 Venue
KL Trillion, Kuala Lumpur Presenters


Following the success of this course in Malaysia and Singapore, Ancora Imparo is proud in continuing to bring you Dr. Kenneth Lew and his highly sought after orthodontic program.

This 1-year program’s main focus is to educate general dental clinicians on integrating orthodontics into their daily discipline.

This course will help general practitioners, who usually make up the first line of contact with patients, to proactively diagnose and treat simple to moderate orthodontic cases. Furthermore, it also provides participants with the knowledge required to identify complicated orthodontic cases and thus allows earlier intervention by orthodontists to achieve a successful outcome.

The aim of this comprehensive basic course is to increase your knowledge in the science and techniques of orthodontics thus allowing better management of your patients either for treatment of malocclusion or as an adjunct to improve the occlusion in other parts of dentistry in your practice.

The course consists will be conducted over a period of 1 year which involves 4 modules.

During the progress of these 4 modules, participants are advised to select 2-3 cases for presentation, this allows participants to have basic knowledge on what simple cases can they start on.

Course Highlights

  • A renowned consultant orthodontist will be conducting the course. This course is designed to cater ideally to dentists who have an interest in the discipline of orthodontics.
  • Hands-on training in a live seminar format with an instructor lecturing the material as well as teaching you the hands-on.
  • Andrew’s Six Keys to Occlusion
  • Concept of Straightwire Appliance (SWA) and Straightwire Low Friction (SWLF)
  • Bracket Positioning and Orthodontic bonding theory and hands-on
  • Banding Procedures Instumentation in Fixed appliances
  • The 3 Stages in SWA, Basic archwire properties and sequencing in SWA
    - Stage 1 (Level & Align) - Theory and hands-on
    - Stage 2 (SWA Therapy) - Theory and hands-on with enmasse retraction
    - Stage 3 (Finishing) - Debanding and enamel clean up procedures
  • Retention in Orthodontic treatment
  • Arch Length Discrepancy
  • Introduction to Cephalometry & Cephalometric Analysis
  • Introduction to Invisalign Fixed Appliance versus clear aligners - How and when to decide on choice?
  • Vertical control in dealing with SWA and SWLF - dealing with deep bites and open bites
  • Overbite control in dealing with SWA using Reverse Control and Utility Archwires
  • Utility Archwire and Reverse Curve Archwire-hands-on
  • Space gaining techniques in Orthodontics diagnosis
  • The great debate - To extract or not to extract?
  • Principles of anchorage in Orthodontic treatment - minimum, moderate and maximum anchorage
  • Adult Orthodontic treatment - Key differences from adolescent treatment
  • Aesthetic appliances - Ceramic appliances, lingual appliances, clear aligners
  • Use of Rapid Palatal Expanders to gain space in adult treatment
  • Invisalign Appliance - Treatment of various malocclusions
  • Temporomandibular Joint considerations in orthodontic treatment
  • Overjet control in SWA and SWLF
  • Class II and Class III mechanics in SWA
  • T-loop closing archwire in deep bite Class II cases - Theory and hands-on
  • Cephalometrics II - Theory and Practical of the location of points, planes and cephalometric measurements
  • Finishing procedures in SWA treatment Interpretation of Cephalometric analysis, computerised cephalometric
  • Cephalometric superimposition techniques to assess treatment response
  • Introduction to Submentovertex to assess asymmetry
  • Limits to Orthodontic - Orthognathic Surgery cases
  • Principles in Orthodontic - Restorative cases with SWA and clear aligners
  • Anchorage principles in Orthodontic treatment
  • Micro implant anchorage - Theory and hands-on
  • Phase I Orthodontic treatment - Indications for early orthodontic treatment
  • Craniofacial growth and its implications to orthodontic treatment
  • 2 X 4 Fixed appliances
  • Functional appliances with special reference to Twin Block and Bionator
  • Orthopaedic appliances and its efficacy
  • The use of Herbst Appliance for correcting Skeletal Class II cases in late adolescence
  • Elastics in SWA
  • Six keys to success in SWA
  • 3 stage 5 archwire approach to SWA
  • Self-ligating and Low Friction appliances - Damon and Straightwire Low Friction
  • Sectional mechanics in Orthodontic therapy - indications and principles
  • Sectional Molar uprighting techniques - Theory and hands-on
  • Management of impacted canines, premolar and incisors
  • Third molar protocol in orthodontic therapy
  • Retention