Veneer And Partial Veneer - Group 2


11 June 2023 Venue
KL Trillion, Kuala Lumpur Presenters


Course Outline:

1.  To construct the appropriate prosthesis types and design that may affect the outcome of the proposed treatment.

2. To select a proper material selection for patients requiring replacement of existing teeth or modification of original tooth structure without compromising the principles of tooth preparation.

3. To manage a holistic treatment approach to patient by practicing an effective plan for the longevity of the treatment outcome.

Learning Objectives:

- Describe the fundamental principles of veneer and partial veneer preparation.

- Explain preparation of indirect veneer and partial veneer, designs, type of margin and provisional stages.

- Discuss various impression technique for veneer / partial coverage.

- Identify the available luting cements that is suitable for certain cases.

- Discuss the importance of surface treatments prior to cementation procedure.

- Discuss the importance of pre-record comprehensive diagnostic work out, mock up / wax.

Hands-On Session:

- #11, #21 porcelain veneer

- #31 mandibular veneer (meisaloverlap)

- #44 partial veneer (onlay)