2 is Better than 1? Anterior Implant Esthetic Rehabilitation

APSO Treatment Planning

When it comes to implant rehabilitation of adjacent missing anterior teeth, is two always better than one? And how do we decide when to splint implant crowns? Join us for a closer look at a case that delves into the science behind our treatment planning decisions.. Come participate in a good discussion over a case on Anterior Implant Esthetic Rehabilitation.

Please note that this is an Anterior Implant Esthetic Rehabilitation Session led by Dr. Stefani Cheung, Dr. Lin Dan and Dr. Joseph Manahan , presented by Dr. Earnest Tang. This session is exclusive for APSO (Asia Pacific Society of Osseointegration) members only. We are extremely honoured to offer our AI (Ancora Imparo) elite club members a special discounted membership price for APSO membership due to our collaboration. Check out the benefits of APSO members at www.osseo.asia TOP UP SGD 80 for APSO membership for access to their monthly treatment planning sessions led by experts around the world on all topics on implant dentistry. This price includes APSO annual membership up till Dec 2021.

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