Dynamic Navigation Surgery in daily practice: dream or reality?


29 April 2020
09:00 PM - 10:00 PM UTC +08:00


The dental implant surgeon is becoming more and more prosthetically and biologically focused.  Digital technology allows virtual treatment plans to be created and replicated with great accuracy during implant surgery with the use of guided surgery. The aim of this webinar is to share with you my experience in dynamic navigation surgery and to discuss the implementation and uses of this new method of surgical guidance for implant surgery in a modern dental practice.

The use of dynamic navigation leads to enhanced precision, predictability and profitability in your everyday practice. It also brings the “wow effect” in your office such as digital impression with intra oral scanner. Is dynamic navigation a dream or a reality? That is the question I will answer for you on april 29th . Don’t miss it !

Good eye opener on new technology