Self Ligation Orthodontics for Asian Malocclusions - Predicatable Mechanics for GPs (OCT 2019)


06 October 2019 - 07 October 2019 Venue


Learning Objectives :

  • Tips and tricks for successful Self Ligating Braces practice.
  • Case discussion and solutions for doctors’ cases - fixed appliance / Self Ligating system / Clear Aligner system.
  • How to incorporate Self Ligating Braces to dental practice.

More Highlights:

  • Workshop and Hands-On: Typodonts and Passive Self Ligating brackets - Phase I, II, III, IV.
  • Doctors will take home typodonts with Passive Self Ligating brackets and TADs.
  • The course will be conducted in our brand new simulation training center and doctors will have a chance to do hands-on on a real life situation with phantom heads.