Sharpen Your Clinical Acumens Series 1: Crowns And Onlays (September 2020)


19 September 2020 - 20 September 2020 Venue
Center of Excellence for Advanced Microscopy (CEAM), KL Trillion Presenters


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the different tooth preparation techniques for crowns and onlays.
  • Learn the different ways to refine the tooth preparations.
  • Learn how to take accurate impressions: Analog vs Digital.
  • Learn fast and reliable methods to fabricate accurate provisional restorations.
  • Learn how to fit finished restorations.
  • Learn the cementation protocols for different types of cements.

19 - 20 September 2020 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)


  • Bio-mechanic principles of tooth preparations.
  • Design of tooth preparations.
  • Selection of impression materials.
  • Soft tissue management.
  • Impression taking: Traditional vs Digital techniques.
  • Provisional restorations.
  • Fitting protocols of finished restorations before cementation.
  • Materials for cementing crowns and onlays.
  • Step-by-step cementation procedures.
  • Checking of occlusion to ensure uninterrupted function.
  • Importance of magnification.
  • Common mistakes: How to avoid and to rectify them.


  • Crown preparations: Anterior and Posterior region.
  • Onlay preparation.
  • Fabricating provisional restorations.
  • Refining preparation margin: Rotary / Ultrasonic / Chisel.
  • Checking preparation depth before final impression.
  • Digital scan: Check margin and depth of preparation.

“Programme is very applicable to everyday practice ... Speakers have showed their personal depth of experiences and have shared tips that work well in their hands without withholding cases which have failed.”

“The programme of this course is different from other crown courses that I have attended ... in terms of structure and outline of the course. Definitely learnt something new.”

“Both speakers are informative and easily approachable for clinical advice.”

“Dr. Loo and Datuk are both very humble and try to answer as many questions we asked in order to help us.”

“All the speakers are so great and I really enjoyed it ... Very good in explaining procedures, very practical and relevant advices ... Thank you for teaching every detail meticulously to us.”