Digital Workflow: Using Dental Technologies to Achieve Excellence in Aesthetic Dentistry


01 May 2020
08:00 PM - 09:00 PM UTC +08:00


The digital era is an irreversible trend in dentistry. Nowadays this transformation happens faster than ever, the dentist and dental technicians need to be constantly evolving and open to new technologies. The clinical routine has changed. Learn the techniques and protocols developed for a fully digital workflow that makes it possible to recreate the dental morphology with naturalness and predictability. A new benchmark on treatment planning and treatment execution aiming to produce esthetic rehabilitations more predictable and reliable for clinicians, dental technicians, and patients. This innovative workflow is a set of protocols that includes mockups, photo, video, digital planning, flapless surgery, dental preparation, scanning, staining, bonding, occlusion adjustment and allows a more detailed view for a better diagnosis. The use of digital mechanisms makes possible the micrometric milling, superior to what could be achieved by the human abilities, which allows the precise fit of the ceramic pieces, resulting in a perfect bonding between the ceramic and the dental surface. Dr.Kano's techniques revolutionize the way to make dental restorations, achieving excellence in function, physiology, aesthetics and can be used in several indications of oral rehabilitation.