Hard vs Soft - A Rookie's Periodontal Management in Natural Teeth & Implants


13 August 2020
05:00 AM - 06:00 AM UTC +08:00


Whether it is natural teeth or implants, the problem that periodontists often encounter is the defect of hard or soft tissue. Although guided bone regeneration, on-lay block bone grafting and other surgical techniques have undergone decades of clinical testing and have been widely used, these surgeries still have highly traumatic operation, expensive cost, high technical sensitivity, and long postoperative recovery time. However, techniques such as root coverage and connective tissue transplantation are often restricted by narrow indications. The essence of ancient Chinese culture emphasizes the integration of both hard rigidity and soft flexibility. As a young periodontist from China, Dr. Yan upholds this philosophy and strives to explore the boundaries of soft and hard tissue management techniques to find the balance between the two, so as to allow patients to suffer the least pain and obtain the greatest income. Through the application of periodontal soft and hard tissue management in the fields of root coverage, keratinized gingiva widening, pontic area augmentation, immediate implantation, bone augmentation and treatment of peri-implantitis, he will share his successful cases and even complications to demonstrate the feasibility of these techniques used in natural teeth and implants and to discuss the thinking about the principles behind them.