New Classification of Periodontal Diseases - What you Need to Know


23 July 2020
05:00 AM - 06:00 AM UTC +08:00


By 2017 it was recognized that it was time to revisit the1999 Periodontal Disease Classification that was considered to be very dated. Importantly it was evident that periodontal health needed to be defined. Furthermore, a significant amount of research had been done since 1999 done on etiology and pathogenesis of periodontitis. This research had demonstrated that the distinction between chronic and aggressive periodontitis is sometimes unclear. New data also indicated that chronic and aggressive periodontitis may be one in the same disease. New fields had begun to emerge and it was evident that there was a need to embrace a personalized/precision medicine approach in periodontology. Finally there was a clear need for an internationally accepted classification. Thus a “New Classification” was born and it is now time to begin implementing this into clinical practice.