The Clear Aligner Revolution


03 May 2020
07:00 PM - 08:20 PM UTC +08:00


When Digital Clear Aligners (CA) were first released in 1999 by Align Technologies® under the brand Invisalign®, the orthodontic fraternity was somewhat resistant in embracing this technology as they understood CA to be limited to orthodontic treatment for minor tooth movements. Graduate training in Orthodontics was devoid of CA in their curriculum. Hence, orthodontists were generally reluctant and sceptical about CA Technology, favouring Fixed Appliances (FA) over CA. Although CA provided a wonderful aesthetic option, they did not make significant inroads owing to their perceived inherent limited efficacy compared to FA which dominated the orthodontic world. Fast forward to 2005, Invisalign® made its entry into South east Asia. Dentists were excited with Invisalign® because of market demands from the consumer (patients) largely fuelled by fervent marketing with large budgets. However, this initial enthusiasm was met with somewhat less than ideal treatment outcome when compared to FA. As a result, CA were only curated by the clinician for selected simple cases where the consumer could only accept CA as a treatment option. However, recent advances in last 10 years in digital technology in orthodontics, has led to a plethora of companies introducing multitude of different CA systems. Consistent to all these CA, was the use of digital technology like Intra-Oral Scans, digital treatment planning and visualization of the 3-D treatment outcomes, resulted in a REVOLUTIONARY approach to orthodontics. With the concerted efforts put into research in Digital orthodontic technology, Orthodontic Tooth Movements (OTM) with CA was elevated to be somewhat predictable and therefore in line with FA. Dentists familiar with FB embracing CA treatment, require a transformational approach to orthodontic treatment as effecting OTM using biomechanical and anchorage principles in CA was somewhat different. The obvious advantages offered by CA such as aesthetics, patient comfort and oral hygiene, will undoubtedly propel CA to an unprecedented era in Orthodontic Treatment. However, this unrivalled edge with CA has to be balanced between the ability to deliver treatment outcomes expected by the patients using CA. CA has revolutionized the approach to orthodontics and challenges conventional thinking. The digital technology, different plastics, proprietary software algorithms and the technological expertise in marketing to digital platforms, has contributed to the high demand for CA among our patients. Can we clinicians meet the market driven penchant from our internet driven consumers? The misconception that CA can only be used for minor tooth movement no longer exists today. CA of today can offer comprehensive treatment of complicated malocclusions in the hands of experienced dentists and be immersed in this explosive revolution. Dr Lew did his orthodontic training overseas in an era where digital technology did not exist in orthodontics and was primarily FB or removable Functional Appliances. Being keen on exploring diverse approaches to orthodontics as well as his penchant for moving out of his comfort zone into uncharted territories, led him to be Invisalign certified in 2005. He has subsequently been trained and used a variety of different CA systems and he will share his experience and his conviction as to why the CLEAR ALGINER REVOLUTION is here to stay. Come join us for this explosive Webinar !

excellent speaker Dr Kenneth Lew. Should have more of aligner webinars