Thriving Mentally: Reframing Dentistry in Times of Covid


13 February 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM UTC +08:00


There are some professions that are well-documented to be stressful, and dentistry is one where combating burnout is an all too common challenge. Especially with COVID-19, where the risks are higher, with job-related isolation and work-home imbalance, dental health professionals fully deserve a shot of mental wellness in the arm. This 45-minute online conversation won’t change everything, but it will reinforce self-care, self-understanding and staying connected to the passion of one’s profession in difficult times. Sustainable resilience is what we all need to cope with feelings of depletion, to stay healthy and even thrive when everything feels overwhelming. Insights and stories of resilience from other trenches worldwide will ease dental health practitioners into reflection of these issues, towards thinking of strategies to transform their current work experience.