Author of several clinical articles on Dentistry and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders in several journals

Dr. Aditi Desai was born in Nairobi, Kenya where she completed her school education and moved to the UK to continue with higher education. She went to University in Cardiff, Wales to study dentistry where she graduated from in 1977. She went on to University of Bristol followed by University of Birmingham to gain more experience before joining the world famous Eastman Institute to pursue a postgraduate degree in Oral Surgery. She was unfortunately unable to complete her fellowship due to personal circumstances and went into general practice.

In 1996, at the request of BBC, Dr. Aditi set up and ran single handedly a practice for the global employees of BBC. During her time at BBC, she completed her MSc in Conservative Dentistry. After 13 years, Dr. Aditi left BBC and joined a multidisciplinary specialist practice in Harley Street. She had developed an interest in sleep medicine during her time at the BBC. Hence, when she joined the practice in Harley Street, Dr. Aditi realised that the multidisciplinary team lacked this one aspect of dentistry that was becoming quite important in the holistic management of patients. She introduced and set up the Dental Sleep Service at 76 Harley Street. Having joined the Board of British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine in 2009, Dr. Aditi was elected President of the Society in 2015. She has forged links with other sleep centres, medical specialists and general practitioners highlighting the role of dentists in management of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. She now limits her practice to Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM).

She lectures widely on the subject in the United Kingdom and internationally and has recently established a Masterclass in DSM with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and Craniofacial Pain (CFP) with Sleep Bruxism (SB), there being enough evidence to suggest an inter link. She mentors individual dentists on how to manage and introduce Dental Sleep Medicine in practice. Dr. Aditi has also authored several clinical articles on Dentistry and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders which have been published in several journals.

By virtue of her passion in DSM, Dr. Aditi serves on the Sleep and Odontological Council at the Royal Society of Medicine. She serves as Board Member on the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) and practices from Harley Street and London Bridge Hospital at The Shard. Currently, she is involved in the launch of a certified, Diploma and MSc in DSM which we hope to see in September 2018.