A very sought after presenter and creator of the 'JT Concept'

Dr. Hirofumi Tashiro obtained his DDS from the prestigious Tokyo Medical Dental University in 1999. He then continued to further pursue his passion in dentistry and obtained his PHD in 2003 from the same prestigious university. His passion in the study of composite resin material and the management of its behaviour, is evident from the numerous publications and presentations cum lectures that he has done throughout Japan. His dedication to the study, perfection and handling of composite resin has been further reflected in the publication of his books on the topic, the most recent one in 2015 titled “Basics and Trends of Composite Resin”. Concurrent with his hectic academic program, he is also currently the President of Direct Restoration Academy of Composite Resin since 2013 and holds the position of Assistant Professor of the Tokyo Medical Dental University and Fukuoka Dental University since 2007 and 2015 respectively. Dr. Tashiro has also been conducting successful Masterclass courses within Japan, promoting his creation of the ‘JT Concept’ in which the popularity of his course has seen it continue to its 6th installment. His ability to impart his knowledge on a subject that he is so passionate about has made him a very sought after presenter and also a spokesperson for Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc and Tokuyama Dental Corporation.